Skydiving Tandem Jumps - Buenos Aires

Skydiving Tandem Jumps - Buenos Aires

Jump and give yourself over the adrenaline of the free falling. Do not let pass this sensation.

Initial time :
alarmTo be determined upon availability
Meeting Point:
Lobos, Buenos Aires
100 Km From Capital Federal
1 day
The instructors will give you a brief instructive talk (15 minutes) to explain you what is the jump about and what you have to do. You will be provided with a jumping sweatshirt, a harness, a helmet, a pair of glasses and gloves. You have to wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.

Then, we will get on the plane and make an ascension of 20 minutes until we get the 3000 mts, which is the height for the jump. You will jump together with the instructor with the Only responsibility of enjoying it.

You will be in free falling for about 35 seconds. In this time, you will descend from 3000 to 1500 mts. reaching a speed of 250 km-h. At 1500 mts the instructor will open the parachute and between 6 and 10 minutes you will fly enjoying the beautiful vista. To conclude, a soft landing and 100% adrenaline.

As it is a high risk activity, the parachutes must adopt several security measures. To start jumping you have to take a course and pass a security test. Usually, the instructors are in charge of supervising the activity and giving all the details related to it in order to make them recreational.
Each parachutist takes two parachutes: a main one and an extra one. It is recommended to use a helmet, a pair of glasses, an altimeter and an emergency automatic opening system.

Once the parachute is opened the practicing can control the direction and speed of the drivers. but before that ,you should  have to follow the security plans to the place of landing given by the instructor.


Physical recommendations:

• Not Weight more than 95 kg.
• It is not recommendable to jump congested because your eardrums Could be seriously damaged.
• Not suffer from heart or mental diseases. Not have column,, arms or legs pains or problems.
• Be older than 17 years.
Recommended clothing
• Use sport shoes and wear clothes not too baggy. 
• Jackets are not used as they are bulky. The idea is  not  to have extra parts which can cause harms
• Do not wear necklaces, earings, rings, or watches in order to avoid losses, damages or hooks.
• Gloves and polar necks are recommended for winter time.

speaker_notesIncluded Services:

•    Video (DVD) and pictures (CD), from the equipment to the Landing
•    Pick-ups round trip transferring from Buenos Aires to the place of the jump.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

storage Itinerary
collections Photo

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