1 Why choose us?

We are a travel and tourism company (EVT) registered in the nation's tourism secretariat as Ascenso 23 EVT lEG: 16396 - dISP 1532/15, dedicated purely and exclusively to sports, alternative and mountain tourism for more than 15 years .

2 Are the guides professional?

All our guides are registered, professional and certified with an official title, mountain, adventure tourism, mountain biking or trekking in the mountains. They have corresponding certifications in first aid in wild areas and training in evacuations and technical rescues. That is why we suggest that before hiring a tour, departure, adventure, always check if you are going to go with registered professional guides (certified with an official title) and with a registered and regulated company.

3 Donde puedo ver la información completa de cada viaje?

Cada programa publicado en nuestro Calendario cuenta con toda la información actualizada, descripción del itinerario, fotos, descripción del Menú, donde se pernocta, videos, graduación de dificultad, equipo requerido, formas de pago y precios.

Descripción del menu de acceso a la información. Contamos grupos de entrenamientos para preparse para diferentes objetivos y también realizamos asesoramiento online.

4 Is it necessary to have prior training in order to participate in your activities?

Dependerá de en que programa quiere participar. La primer respuesta para esta pregunta, es que si es recomendado estar entrenando para lograr disfrutar mejor de la actividad. Luego de acuerdo al objetivo seleccionado y conversar con nuestros guias podremos evaluar si su preparación es la adecuada para el mismo.

5 What kind of food do you provide during your trips and expeditions?

In all our expeditions we offer full board service. We believe that one of the most important things on an expedition and/ or traveling to the nature, is food; that is why we prepare these menus, taking special attention on nutritional requirements in the mountain and also special request of the participants.

6 How old are the travelers?

The age range is varied because our travelers are both single individuals or family groups. In all cases in our trips we give an age recommendation and we form groups according to their affinity in relation to ages, family or abilities.

7Do you provide programs for groups or companies?

Yes, we actually have products especially designed for groups and companies. Whether you're thinking about team building programmes, incentive travel throughout Argentina, or traveling with a group of friends.

8 In which regions do you work?

Mainly in Argentina, from north to south, from east to west. We also make group trips to the main adventure destinations in the world, such as Europe, Africa, Nepal, South America and others.