About us

We are a professional company with significant experience in organizing adventure and sports trips.

By definition, passionate adventurers. Our products have two major components, contact with nature and strong emotions. That is how we can summarize our activity, but actually, it involves much more. We are not only specialists in exploring beautiful places of our land, but also to commit each participant with the desire to overcome,self-exploration, comradeship and a set of values that helps discovering ourselves, helps the interaction with those around us and to be in contact with our natural environment.

We attach great importance to the creative factor when designing trips and events within the framework of adventure and sports tourism. We know Argentina geographically like few others, hence our constant concern to go out to the nature in every beautiful corner of the country, where there is always an almost virgin and unexplored place, and where local people enrich the magic of history.

Our destinations are previously studied and surveyed with the importance that this represents. The strong commitment to take care of our enviroment respresents a lesson for everyone who occupies a precious place within the groups we guide. And as our travellers tell, the personalized and human treatment continues to be another outstanding and fundamental element present in every new commitment.




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