Aconcagua Expedition - Mendoza

Aconcagua Expedition - Mendoza

Challenging the highest pick of América.

Start Date :
Initial time :
alarm9am in Mendoza City
Meeting Point:
Start Date:
End Time:
alarm18hs in Mendoza
1350 km from Buenos Aires approx.
18 to 21 days


ACONCAGUA is one of the most visited mountains in the world, is the roof of America and of the Western hemisphere. 6962 meters, attracts people from all over the planet. The climate and conditions of the high mountain make this expedition a unique adventure.


Our style for Aconcagua:

We assist  the group throughout the year, in physical and mental preparation . 

We advise you during all the previous months in your equipment.

We propose an itinerary that includes acclimation progressive, staggered, and a climb to Cerro Bonete over than 5000 meters


Day 01(Saturday 14th January):Mendoza city– Los Penitentes (2700 mts)
Our expedition starts in Mendoza, Argentina. We will pick you up iat the airport,bus station or ar the hotel you are stayingat 9 am . Presentation of our  guides and equipment check. Transfer to Parque Provincial Aconcagua office to pay the ascent premissions. Last minute shopping.Transfer to Puente del Inca-Los penitentes (2800 mts)
Check in at hostel. Relax, briefs walks. Dinner and overnight stay.


Day 02: Confluencia (3300 mts). Breakfast. Transfer to Horcones (2900 mts). Entrance toParque Provincial Aconcagua. Primer tramo del trekking.Visit of Horcones  lagoones where we will have the first sight of the Aconcagua. Crossing over Horcones  river and we will continue Confluencia (3300 mts).Rest. use of domes and meeting. Dinner and overnight stay.


Day 03 :Confluencia (3300 mts).Breakfast.Transfer to Horcones (2900 msnm).Permission and entrance to Parque Provincial Aconcagua.First part of the trekking. Crossing the bridge over Horcones river and we continue to Confluencia (3300 mts). Relax time. We will dome for our meals and meetings. We will we use mountain tents to sleep from now on. Dinner and overnight stay.



Day 04 : Plaza de Mulas (4350 msnm).Breakfast. We will start walking towards Plaza de Mulas. We will cross over Horcones river and we will reach to a plain area , called Playa Ancha.Straight ascent to Cuesta Brava. In te afternoon, we will reach Plaza de Mulas. Relax and good hydration. Medical check-up. New domes and tents where we will rest. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 05: Plaza de Mulas (4350 mts).Breakfast.Relax and medical check-up. Short walks among the campsite, one of the largest in the world.Dinner and overnight stay.


Day 06 : Bonete Mount-Plaza de Mulas (4350 msnm).Breakfast. We will do one of the most important ascent of Horcones Superior Glacier:Bonete Mount  (5100 mts). It is not mandatory. Otherwise you can rest t and acclimatize, do all the medical-check up. Good hydration.Dinner and overnight stay.


Day 07 ·  Canada-Plaza de Mulas (4350 msnm).Breakfast. To acclimatize, we will ascent to Plaza Canada carrying all the equipment. We will go back to Plaza de Mulas  and we will keep on descending and hydrating. Optional:resting or short walks. A new medical and equipment check-up.Meeting. Dinner and overnight stay. Long Trekking and Bonete ascent group: the group that has taken part of the long week trekking, after the ascent to Bonete mount will take the transfer to Mendoza city


Day 08: Breakfast.First day of overnight over the campsite base. Ascention through the same route we ascented the previous day. Depending on water and snow availability, we will decide to saty overight either Plaza Canada or Cambio de PendienteGood hydration. Dinner and overnight stay.


Day 09: Plaza de Mulas (4350 mts). Breakfast. Descent to favour the acclimatation to Plaza de Mulas. Rest and medical check up to enable the ascent.Dinner and overnight stay.



Day 10: Plaza Canadá (5050 mts) o Cambio de Pendiente(5250 mts). Breakfast. Ascent  to Plaza Canadá or Cambio de Pendiente. Rest. Dinner and overnight stay

Day 11: Nido de Cóndores (5050 mts) or Cambio de Pendiente(5250 mts). Breakfast. Ascent to  Nido de Cóndores camp. Helicopter can fly up to here in case of emergency.Rest and good hydration. Dinner and overnight stay


Day 12: Nido de Cóndores (5570 msnm). Breakfast.Good hydration and medical check up. Lunch, dinner and overnight stay.


Day 13: Berlin (5950 mts). Breakfast. Ascent to the highest camp of the normal route of Aconcagua, Berlin, over 5900 mts. Getting ready for the big day with good hydration and alimentation.Early overnight.


Day  14: Summit-Berlin (6962 mts - 5950 mts). Ascent to Independencia refugee (6300 mts),crossing the travesy up to the cave and climbing of  "La Canaleta" up to the north and main summit of the hight mountain of America. Time for pictures and then we start the descent up to Colera Camp. Rest and overnight stay.


Day  15 (sábado): Plaza de Mulas (4350 mts).Breakfast. Descent to Plaza de Mulas.  Rest and overnight stay.


Day  16:  Horcones (2900 mts) and  Mendoza city. Trekking to Horcones  withe the help of our mules carrying the equipment. Transfer to Mendoza city. End of or services



Ask for hotel reservation in Mendoza city



Ask for a previous week of expedition  and acclimatization of  El Sosneado, in Mendoza.







The proposed itinerary can be changed due to weather conditions or other forced situations that put in risk the group . The guides have the authority to change the program according to their criteria.


Previous training: We have designed a schedule of departures designed to live up to this great goal. Every month we make trips to the hills and mountains focused on physical working-psíquic training and technical support to be prepared for the great chance to try great mountains as Lanin-Tronador-Domuyo-Chañi-Aconcagua and many others ...

Before the expedition, we can suggest you to ascent to the summit of El Plata mount in Mendoza province, at half price




speaker_notesIncluded Services:

- Specific advice on materials and personal equipment for the expedition.

- Contact and interviews with the guides from the moment of hiring the Expedition.

- Material safety technician, Handies VHF, oximeter, sphygmomanometer, mountain kit, high mountain tents. Heating and cooking MSR.

- Full board during the whole trip.

- Transfer in private vehicles Aero

-Professional mountain guides

-Training program throughout the year

-Transportation from the city of Mendoza to Horcones  (in and out)

-Significant discount on equipment in specialized store

-Service camp (tent, chairs, tables, kitchen) base in Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas.

Bedroom during the entire expedition tents.

-Satellite phone

-Handling of general equipment  (mules) to base camp of Plaza de Mulas.

-Carrier of general team from Plaza Canada to Berlin

-1 night accommodation at Puente del Inca in hostel.

-Personal accident insurance.

-Permanent assistance.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

- Permit to enter the park (fees established by the Government of Mendoza, in line with the date of admission).

- Meals other than those specified in the program.

- Extras and / or drinks at Hotel and refuge.

- Personal equipment.

-Personal equipment porters extras


-Expenses for evacuation and eventual transfer in different places of the provincial park

-Personal equipment

-Transfers from city of origin of each passenger to Mendoza capital (ask for tickets)

Contact and Enquiries

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