Crampons - Pair of Crampons

Rental of pair of mountain crampons

  • Booking in Advance: US$ 15.-
  • Price: US$ 17.-
  • 6/7/8 days: US$ 23.-
  • 14/15 days - Aconcagua: US$ 48.-

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Retiro Local AEX / San Isidro Sin cargo 0
BUENOS AIRES - Correo a domicilio (Sin cargo para compras > $29000) 8000
RESTO DEL PAIS - Correo a domicilio (Sin cargo para compras > $29000) 10500
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Pair of Crampons


Pair of crampons, tape or automatic (depending on the boot) for expeditions and ascents.


Examples of promotions:

Lanin, Domuyo, El Plata, Chañi, Tronador.

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