Winter Holidays - Ski & SnowBoard Week or Multi-Adventure in Caviahue, Copahue. Neuquen Province.

6 days in the snow of Copahue

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Hora Inicio: The day before by bus
    Hora Fin: The following day by bus
  • Meeting Point:Caviahue, Copahue. Neuquen Province.
  • Duration:1 week
    Availability: 15 spots



Caviahue and Copahue region, in Neuquén province, represents a real paradise for mountain lovers, especially in winter time. The height above sea level (1600), the excellent location at the base of the legendary Copahue Volcano and the thermal aroma make this a magical world. The snow builds up over several months and invites you to live and enjoy winter sports.
We propose a Multi-Day Adventure for both sky lovers or snowboard enthusiasts and those who wish to carry out various activities, always based on a warm refuge, mountain hostel.

Day 1 (Saturday 7 / 23) For those who travel by bus. Departure with destiny to Caviahue. Connection at Neuquén or Zapala. (Bus fare not included). Ask for air option.
Day 2 (Sunday 7 / 24) Arrival at Caviahue in the afternoon. Group meeting and check in at the accommodation. We will have some warm beverage and then we will go out for a walk around the town and enjoy the wonderful nature of the place. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3 (Monday, 7/ 24) :



Ski or snowboard week: from Monday to Friday, Five-Day Ski Week. Lift passes and transfers are included. Ask for equipment rental and lessons.

Multi-Adventure: Breakfast. We start the day with a walk with snowshoes. The idea is to trace the 7 waterfalls of the Agrio to the border which lies to the south of the volcano. If weather conditions are okay, we will have lunch on our journey and will return in the afternoon. Hot Chocolate. Time to walk the shores of the lake, almost frozen. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4 (Tuesday 7/ 25) Breakfast. Truck trips to Copahue, which is about 15 km away from Caviahue to the north. This thermal spa is well known for its therapeutic waters. We will try to take thermal baths, surrounded by the great mass of snow experience! We will have lunch in a shelter. If we still have time we will do some trek. Return to Caviahue in the afternoon. Dinner. and overnight.

Day 5 (Tuesday 7/ 26). Breakfast. In the morning, excursion with sleigh pulled by dogs. We will make tour in the area of lakes, Araucaria forest, hidden waterfalls and more. We
will know the dog kennel and live with them for a couple of hours. Then we will have lunch. In the afternoon, we will go to Caviahue thermal baths, to relax and have a great
time. We will have mate (typical Argentinian hot beverage), hot chocolate. We will enjoy a folk time. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6 (Wednesday 7/ 27) Breakfast. Ski or snowboard day. Taking a lesson of Alpine Ski at Caviahue winter resort is recommended for those who need it. We will return to town in
the afternoon. Option of a new thermal bath. Dinner and overnight.

Day 7 (Friday 7 / 29) Breakfast. Second day of skiing or snowboarding in the ski resort. Afternoon in the town. Farewell dinner and overnight.

Day 8 (Saturday, 7 /30) Breakfast. End of program. Return by bus to Neuquén and from there return back to home.



Ask for an extension of the program (one more day of skiing, hiking and one more night).

Included Services

-Local transfers
-6 nights of accommodation in a refuge-hostel
-Half board (breakfast and dinner)
-All activities listed in the program
-Lifts in the ski-week
-Coordination and guides
-Permanent assistance

Services NOT included

-Unspecified activities
-Ski equipment and ski lessons-week program
-Round trip to Caviahue

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Contact and Enquiries

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