dodo What is BikePacking?

What is BikePacking?

Traveling light is the way, synonymous of freedom, autonomy and lightness.

Broadly speaking, we can say that bikepacking is a kind of mix between hiking and tourism. What is pursued with this modality is to cycle natural routes of some days through mountainous terrain. Unlike traditional bicycle touring, we try to make luggage as minimalist as possible and in general it is transported on the bicycle itself - handlebars, seatpost, frame, etc. - without the need to add luggage racks.

Bikepacking is synonymous of freedom, autonomy and lightness. After traveling for a long time with large, medium and small saddlebags, trailers, backpack on our backs, our entry into the world of bags that do not require luggage carriers only meant a readjustment when it came to packing. Minimalism and self-sufficiency is the character that I have been trying to give my outings for years. Bikepacking bags only represented a more ergonomic, lighter and more stable way to load gear during pedaling.

The first thing to keep in mind with a bikepacking is that you can travel with very light bags, and these can be adapted to different types of frames, without the need for a specific bicycle touring design. You can see people from bikepacking with suspension bikes, rigid, with 26, 27.5, 29 wheels or even with road bikes. Anything goes.We have also seen many bikes specially designed for travel, and classic road bikes, which are still very popular in central Europe, but which are gradually being replaced by more modern, versatile and  lighter bikes. In fact, one of the strong points of bikepacking is that with just a few bags (one under the seat and one on the handlebars), a light tent and a sleeping bag, you can have autonomy for 2-3 days. These types of bags can be installed in a short time due to their incredible adaptability. There is no "universal fit model" but the brands are working to make it even easier to fit.

The biggest disadvantage of bikepacking is how to travel light but efficiently. Think about the basics to follow, then what would be needed in circumstances like rain, cold, or dusk. When you are bikepacking, you have to remember that everything you need to carry allows you to be self-sufficient at all times. You may not always be able to easily buy food, get water, or have a roof over your head.

Finally, the most important thing is to think about the budget to buy a good set of bags. There is a wide selection of brands and qualities available, including custom-made models. It is advisable to research and examine different options on the market, think about the type of trip you are going to do, where you are going to travel, etc. Do not forget to follow the instructions to place the bags on the handlebars, the seat, since if you do it wrong, it could prevent the proper functioning of the brakes or suspension.

Regarding the options in Argentina, we refer to a brand that we have tried and that has given us good results on the Camino de Santiago and other routes: Asgard Equipamientos.

There is nothing else but to recommend this modality and as in life itself, it is always best to go with light luggage!

autor: Fer Robledo.

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