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Sales Executive / Administrative (Currently active)

We are on the lookout for a Sales/Administrative Executive to work in our offices in San Isidro

Our search is aimed at people with excellent communication and experience in the sales area, up to 35 years. Important that they understand and are passionate about the activities we do and offer


  • - Students of Tourism , adventure tourism guide, trekking or mountain.,
  • - Language: English (excluding),
  • -That resides in north of Buenos Aires.,

That fulfils the following tasks:

  • Customer service - (speak fluid English),
  • Sale of our travel programs,
  • Travel program maker,
  • General Administration.,
  • To guide some of our programs (according to experience)

What we offer:

  • Travel to know our products and different geographies.,
  • Salary + commissions per sale.,
  • Work area > San Isidro (near Thames and Panamerican),
  • Full day 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Send cv or linkedin to


We are in search of EXPERIENCED GUIDES to work in our trips: Cycle Tourism, Ascents and Multiadventure trips.

Our search is oriented to people with excellent communication and with great experience in the industry. It is Important that you understand and you are passionate about what we do and offer.


  • - Advanced students or graduated guides,
  • - Language: English (excluding)

What we offer:

  • Wage+travel allowance.,
  • Working Area > depending on guided place in Argentina or South America,
  • It can be a 1-day tour or trips of several days.


Send cv or linkedin to

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