Lanín Volcano Expedition - Patagonia

Lanín Volcano Expedition - Patagonia

3.776 OSL- Conventional: trekking – ascent - mountaineering

Start Date :
Meeting Point:
Neuquén, Argentina.
End Date:
1600 km from de Bs As
Two days

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Special dates:    Dates upon request for minimum groups of  3 .

The giant that rises from the horizon

The Lanin volcano is one of the most outstanding Andean figures of the Patagonia. Its majestically and greatness inspire admiral from the most forgiven confines of the region. It can be seen from 200 km and it is difficult to confuse it with its magnanimous neighbors VILLARRICA (still active nowadays), OSORNO and LLAIMA. Its name “LAN-IN” comes from the mapuche language and has several meanings: “it died of a HOLDUP-MUGGING? OVEREATING?...”DEATH ROCK”…and “ to get sink or we are sinking” 
You can make the ascent by all its faces. The most difficult face is the southern one which has the most difficult technique; the most used is the northern one. It is a demanding trekking ascent and it has three basic and typical mountain shelters: BIM (military infantry battalion) at 2250 mts., RIM (Military infantry regimen) at 2350 mts (nowadays out of service) and the CAJA (Junín de los Andes Andean club) at 2450 mts. The view from its summit is extraordinary. If you look to the south you can observe (from the mountain feet) the Huechulafquen, Paimún, Epulafquen , Lolog ,Lacar and other lakes including the exceptional view of the Tronador Mount (3554 mts OSL) in the south of Bariloche. To the south: the Tromen, Quillwn, Ñorquinco lakes and to the West all the Chilean volcanos. This is an invitation to the dream of the magic but real mountain, a chance that nature offers us to live with our spirit full of emotions and feelings.



Difficulty and specifications for the ascent:

It is a demanding ascent at physical level. In the first day we make an ascendant walk between 5 or 6 hours until we reach the refugees area at 1300 mts of unevenness. We will spend the night in a shelter or tent depending on the availability. The second day (if the weather conditions help) we will go for the summit leaving the shelter between 3 or 4 am (at night and using frontal lanterns) this unevenness is about 1400 mts and it is located in a more technical terrain (long , ice or mixed  + .loosen rock snow slabs). We can only be in the summit for a few minutes to take some pictures and hydrate ourselves. Then we will descend to our night shelter, rest for a while and take our equipments to continue our descent to the mountain base (according to a new disposition established a few years ago, it is not possible to spend another night in the mountain). In the base, a transport will be waiting for us to go to junin de los Andes.


Day 1:
meeting with the guides in Junin de los Andes. Personal consulting about the rented equipment. If you want, you can let us arrange the accommodation for this night in order to keep the group together. Ask for this task. General arrangements

Day 2: charter transferring to the Tromen Pace located at the feet of the Northern face of the Lanin Volcano, where is located the foresters post that will control the equipment of each person of the expedition. In the first stage, after of 5¬_7 hours climbing approximately, we will reach the mountain shelter located at 2350 mts OSL. Dinner and night In the shelter or tent.

Day 3: very early in the morning and after breakfast we will start our attempt to climb the summit. From this point the marching is through permanent snow covered paths so it is necessary to use crampons  and picks to walk (the day before the climbing we will give a brief explanation of how to use them and their safety). We will reach the summit (3776 mts OSL) before midday. After the celebration we will descend to the shelter and then to the base. Transfer to Junin de los Andes and accomodation. End of our services.



Recommendationsto get Dressed .

An interior layer in contact with the skin that “aspires” the humidity produced by perspiration and caries it out of the body without Keeling it in the weave of the fabric.  An intermediate layer not heavy or incontestable  that gives thermic isolation in order to keep our body warm. And an external waterproof-perspiring layer that gives us protection against rain,snow or wind.




speaker_notesIncluded Services:


•    Previous trip  advising  using Pictures and maps. arrangement for meetings in Buenos Aires. (arrange the date of the meeting)
•    Professional mountain guides authorized by the APN
•    Permanent guide assistance and technical advising during the whole trip .circulation through snowy slopes, practices with crampons and picks, etc.
•    Accommodation: one night in the mountain shelter or tent.
•    High mountain tents and general mountaineering elements (cooking equipement, etc) 
•    Transferring: JDLA-Vn Lanín- JDLA in private charter.
•    Safety elements: VHF Communication equipments,, complete first  aids kit, mountaineering technical equipment.
•    Full room and board in the mountain.
•    Advising in technical equipment rental.
•    Bus tickets emission (ask for plane tickets).
•    2 nights accommodation in hostel or hut in Junin de los Andes.


speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:



Technical equipment (you can rent it), Helmet, crampons, picks, leg warmers and sticks .



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