January - Horseback riding to the Lost City

January - Horseback riding to the Lost City

Four days throug the montain changes of Los Andes - Mendoza

Meeting Point:
Las Loicas
End Time:
alarm1 pm Malargue. 8 am the next day to Buenos Aires
1400 km away from Buenos Aires
4 days + journey
A unique adventure through the heart of The Andes

by a mountain range gradually Riding perplexed and infinite, rich and imposing, is an experience that usually remains hidden in the funds of our retinas over a long time.

Large bright green valleys covered overflowing las vegas, border crossings and rugged sand-covered patches of snow, torrential waterfalls that hang from the steep cliffs and hidden ... A myriad of reasons that bind to the explanation of an adventure for everyone. Days of ascent and descent, longer days, days to reach overpasses almost on the border with Chile. Days off next to a lake or within a unique spa in the world. The beginning and end are given in the city of Malargue. The ride starts and ends in the small town of Las Loicas in the middle mountains of southern Mendoza, a corner full of indescribable magic Dates confirmed

-December  8th to 11th/ Ciudad Perdida - 4 days
-December  29th/12 to  1th/1 (New Year) / Ciudad Perdida - 4 days
-February  9th to 12th  ( Carnival Holiday ) - Ciudad Perdida - 4 days
-March 28th to 31th ( Easter) / Ciudad Perdida - 4 days

more info: www.cabalgandolosandes.com.ar

Method specified
Horse riding expedition of several days. Mules, and arrieros baqueanos permanent. Overnight stay in tent in the mountain.   

Itinerary Trip by bus, meeting at 7 at Retiro Bus Station  (Retiro. Buenos Aires City. Air Option: Fight to Mendoza City and hence combined with a bus (7 hours) to Malargue. 

Day 0: Departure from Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires: 19 pm. Retreat from) 
Day 1 (Thursday or Saturday to be confirmed): Meeting in Malargue. Lunch, preparation, presentation and lecture at the base of operations. Transfer by shuttle by route 40 to the south. This first part of the trip will show us the geography and  is an introduction of the adventure that is about to begin. By-pass Manqui Malal, Bardas Blancas and Valle del Rio Grande to Las Loicas, from where the great adventure is starting. Snack, horse mounts prepare and  technical instructions. Two hours horseback riding. Camp, dinner and overnight stay. 

Day 2: 6 to 7 hours riding going through the magic Ciudad Perdida, a place which overflows into figures of different geological forms. Then descend to The Valley Los Menucos and the amazing Andes. Lunch. In the afternoon ascent to Portezuelo. Camping. Dinner and overnight stay (incredible view to stars). 

Day 3: Horseback riding into a big Cascade with important basaltic traces very closed to the border with Chile. Great view to unforgettable landscapes. Camp in Pichi Trolón. Last night in the mountains. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: Descent through a Valley to Las Loicas, completing a circuit loop. Back to Malargue, passing through this legendary route 40 from Bardas Blancas. Lunch in Malargue. Bus to San Rafael. Return to Buenos Aires. End of OUR services. 

Day 5 (Monday or Wednesday, according to program): Arrive in Buenos Aires at 8 am. 

Clarifications: All Horses are properly trained and ready to ride in the mountain area.  Our baqueanos are very experienced and know perfectly the place. You do not need previous experience of jinete. The program is not subject to weather conditions. It may be any modification depending on various factors and circumstances. Decisions will be solely in charge of the guides, baqueanos and coordinators.


Note 1: All horses are properly trained and prepared to ride in the mountain and our cowboys have the best conditions and local knowledge. It is not necessary to have previous experience.

Note 2: Active program with middle-grade difficulty suitable for all ages. There are steep ascents and descents but there are no places with significant risk. Program is not subjected to weather conditions. Modifications may occur. Decisions will be made ??exclusively by the guides, mountain guides and coordinators.

- The riding is long during a day?
The ride is quiet and easy. The first day we ride only for two hours. Then we increase the frequency, but is always around 2-3hs in the morning and the same in the afternoon.

- Do I need previous horseback riding experience?
Definitely not. The horses are ready to receive people who have never ridden and the learning process is significantly fast. The mode of riding is quiet, one horse after the other.

- What if I have riding experience?
Those with experience will also be able to have more loose horses to gallop and / or jogging depending on the terrain.

- Where do we spend the night?
Since we ride on a virgin natural place, where no road vehicle arrives, the overnights are in igloo tents, comfortable for 2/3 or 4 people. Those who wish may also sleep outside (vivac) with their own sleeping bag under an unforgettable blanket of stars...

- What if someone needs to be evacuated for some reason?
Almost all camps have escape routes trough near valleys, to get to the road vehicle route in a few hours. Our local scouts and guides are trained to resolve issues of first aid and / or evacuations, but they are actually very rare.

- Is there cell phone signal?
 No. Cell phones in this area end up becoming useless items. Only in the city of Malargue, at the beginning and at the end of our adventure.

- Should I bring a suitcase, a small bag, a large backpack?
Everyone should bring their personal baggage in a bag or large backpack to Malargue. There, we separate things in special bags that will be share between passengers and also we give everyone a pannier (small bag to hang on the saddle) to use with items you use every day.

- What do we eat?
Our menus are varied. From pasta with different sauces to stews or meat (Argentinean goat roasted). Appetizers, salads and quick meals for easy digestion are common in midday. We ask you to complete the personal/medical profile to state if you eat any special type of food.

speaker_notesIncluded Services:

- Transfer from Malargue private shuttle.  
- Full board in the mountains (from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 4) 
- 3 nights accommodation in a montain camp.
- Guides, coordinators and local scouts . 
- horses properly equipped and prepared for this type of mountain expeditions. 
- Tents. 
- general mountain equipment: first aid kit, VHF 
- General Logistics camp (pots, stove, safety features, orientation, etc..) 
- Insurance Personal accident 
- prior advice with photos, maps and materials needed 
- Permanent assistance.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

Round trip to Malargue. 
Personal Equipment Rental
Expenses incurred by abandoning the program.
storage Itinerary
collections Photo

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