Holiday October, 12: Photosafari and Whales Sight - Península Valdés and Puerto Madryn

Holiday October, 12: Photosafari and Whales Sight - Península Valdés and Puerto Madryn

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Puerto Madryn and Puerto Pirámides
Patagonia Northeast, Chubut
868 miles from Buenos Aires
3 days + journey
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A poignant world of life

When we suddenly experience the inmensity of the soul of some supreme portion of nature, many times we get touched not only because of the appreciation of the show itself, but mainly by the simple energy that it irradiates. This is the case of the wonderful natural habitat of the northeast of Chubut, precisely at Mar Argentino coasts. There converge many marine species which, at many cases, are unique in the world. The biggest prize is one of the best Natural Monuments we possess in our country: The  Franca Austral Whale. Seeing them dancing, from land or board, drinking mate or eating chocolate, at morning or sunset, is an unforgettable thing, those whales...who salute with their tails, sometimes far, sometimes closely, give us their jumps that only can be contemplated in silence... Walking on the beach, disrupting naps of the marine elephants. A walk along the beach, interrumpting the nap of more than one marine elephant, or watching the skillfull fishing of cormorants, or just a few mates on the cliff edge staring at the sunset drawing their colors in the sea, are imperative activities.At night that sky that prevent us to dislodge the eyes of the stars, sorrounding and embracing us. The península Valdés is a unique place in the World, the inmensity of the landscapes and the wealth of the fauna make the visit more than a simple trip.


Travel plan:

Day 1 (Friday) Leaving at 7 PM from Buenos Aires. Bus service, semi bed (line or  charter) to the city of Puerto Madryn.

Day 2 (Saturday)
In the afternoon, arrival to Puerto Madryn and check in at the accomodation and lunch. Bicycle excursion over the coasts of Golfo Nuevo.
The wonderful of the enviroment will make us mute. Back to the accomodation by noon and preparation of the equipment for the stage of “camp flyer”. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3 (Sunday) Waking up early, breakfast and taking off by bus to Puerto Pirámides, in the heart of the Península de Valdés. From there we embarked on the excursion lake of whales watching, which ends in a “landing” on the Pardelas beach, our place of “camp”. After lunch, the afternoon offer us solitary walking on the beach to observe local wildlife (from whales, seals, sea lions and a large number of birds, to guanacos and foxes in the steppe zone). At night, dinner under the stars and overnight.

Day 4 (Monday) Early breakfast and beginning of an unforgettable 3 hours trekking along the coast and the steppe to Puerto Pirámides. From here, transfer to Puerto Madryn to get to the Buenos Aires bus.

Day 5 (Tuesday) Around 7:45 PM. arrival in Buenos Aires.



speaker_notesIncluded Services:

- Transportation to and from Buenos Aires by bus, semi bed (en un bus semi cama (regular line or private charter depending on the size of the group)  
- Internal transfer
- Ful board, menu not to the charter, from lunch of Day 2 to lunch of day 4 ( Pensión completa, menú no a la carta, desde almuerzo del Día 2, hasta el almuerzo del Día 4. (4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, te and dinner + snacks) snaks).
- 1 night of accomodation in hostel.
- 1 night of accomodation in wild camp (tent)

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

Travel meals.

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