End of the World Trekking - Beban pass, Fagnano lake, Ushuaia, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego

An adventure on foot to the last corner of the earth

  • Start Date : 2024-Mar-18
    End Date: 2024-Mar-22
  • Meeting Point:Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
  • Duration:1 week
    Availability: 6 spots
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End of the World Trek - Tierra del Fuego


On the last land confine


Where the mythical Andes

twists to flow from west to east and where the sea meets the eternal snows. Hiking through the valleys and forests fueguinos, from sea to lake, on land inhabited by the Ona and Bridges, stands as a powerful and unforgettable experience. An adventure worthy of being dreamed. Here the opportunity to be drafted.


Planned itinerary:

(run in two stages 3 days)


Day 1 (Thursday December 1, 2013): Meeting in Ushuaia, overhaul of equipment, guides presentation and transfer by vehicle to the mountain. Beginning with the first stage (Trip to Ushuaia), we will enter the Canyon of the Sheepto the west of the city. Part of forest and a gradual ascent that will take us a step across the valley where we camped.


Day 2: Second day. Income to the Valley of Andorra, basis of the hill Vinciguerra. Hilly stretch declining. Overnight and camp in the valley.


Day 3: Third day. Day of descent through the valley of Andorra to the end of it. Land with marsh and falling. Overnight in Ushuaia. Hostal.


Day 4: Second Stage. Transfer to Tierra Mayor Valley and the first stretch of trek to the refuge del Bonete. Overnight next to the refuge.


Day 5: ascent the large valley Rio Beban until namesake path. Great views to the north (lake) and south (sea). Descent 2 hours and camp.


Day 6: Last stretch of trek. Final Descent to the Bahia Torito, along Lake Fagnano. Night at mountain hostelry. Rest.


Day 7: Departure by motor boat on the lake, from Bahia Torito to Bahia Palaces. Transfer by vehicle back to Ushuaia, through the Lago Escondido and El Paso Garibaldi. Arrival to Ushuaia. End of program.


Program Note: The program may change the route depending at the weather.


Mid-level requirement. The days journey are not long.

Included Services

-Permanent internal transfers to and from Ushuaia.

-1 Night hostel in Ushuaia (day Tuesday)

-1 night at mountain hostelry (day Friday).

-1 night in mountain refuge with no services.

-3 Nights camping

-Service and overall team camp (kitchen, communication)


-Output-Boat on Lake Fagnano

-Mountain Guides

-Meals from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on day 7 (breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner)

-Previous Meetings information

-Permanent assistance

Services NOT included

-Travel to Ushuaia

-Personal Equipment

-Overnights in Ushuaia-out of the program

-Porter personal equipment  

Photo and Video Gallery

Difficulty graduation

Mochila: Peso / Duración de la Jornada.

Exigencia Física

Técnico: Dificultad en el Terreno / Equipo.

Fortaleza Psicológica

Exposición a la Altura

Backpack (M)

This point has to do with the weight that we must carry in our backpacks. Trekkings or crossings where we have pack animals allow us to bear less weight on our backs. And the multi-day journeys in Patagonia (without the option of having pack mules) generally make us carry more weight, especially in the early days.

20% Up to 5 Kilos: Short excursion walks / Trekking Talampaya

40% Up to 8/10 Kilos: Round-trip trekking / Vallecitos 3 and 4-day programs

60% Up to 12/15 kilos: Crossing trekking with porting / Crossing of the Andes Paso Portillo

80% More than 15/18 kilos: Cross-country trekkings with little or no portage / Trekkings in Patagonia (Paso Vuriloche, PN Lanin or Nahuel Huapi, etc)

100% More than 25 Kilos: With a lot of equipment on top and little or no porting / Continental Ice

Physical (F)

We consider physical demands to the wear that we can suffer both aerobic (climbs = possible shortness of breath) and muscle (resistance = many hours walking) and of legs and joints (descents = knees / ankles).

20% half a day or less with little unevenness.

40% more sustained slopes and longer days in the activity. 2-3 days / more than 6 hours per day.

60% Long ascents and descents with a longer duration. Ascents to more than 4000 meters in the central mountain range / intense 4-day trekking (Uruguayan plane)

80% Important work of legs in resistance. Very long days. Very long day ascents (Lanin - Domuyo) or more than 5000 meters. Ice courses.

100% Maximum demand. Aerobic work and constant effort on legs. Continental Ice, Aconcagua, mountains of more than 6000 meters.

Technical (T)

The technical difficulty is mainly based on the terrain. How much can it cost us to climb a slope, if it is very steep or if we have to use our hands in some section (simple climbing), both in rock and snow-ice, or materials such as crampons and pegs in other ascents.

20% flat land

40% trails with moderate ups and downs. General crossing trekkings . Sierra de la Ventana, Córdoba, Patagonia, Cuyo, north, others. Classic ascents

60% Steeper slopes and trails. Possible use of crampons. Domuyo, Cordón del Plata, Cordillera Central.

80% Mixed terrain, with snow or ice. Alvear, Lanin, Tronador. Bolivia, Peru.

100% Highly technical terrain. Glacial transit and climbing in sections. Hill climbing with sections on slopes of more than 60 ° inclination

Psycho (P)

We maintain that this point, the psychological factor, represents a relevant factor. Each one needs a factor of conviction, confidence, self-control and will power to achieve a goal. And depending on the attitude with which we face distances, slopes, terrain and many other objective factors, we can achieve performance with very different results.

20% We will not be much affected.

40% This is a normal level of attention.

60% We require more motivation, enthusiasm and concentration.

80% The activity will require us to be very connected and convinced.

100% Maximum control and emotional-psychological performance.

Adventures (A)

It is the factor that, the height above sea level, influences us depending on the activity we carry out. Managing and overcoming symptoms caused by altitude is the key to this point

0% + sea level.

20% Up to 2000 masl.

40% + 2000 masl.

60% + 4000 masl.

80% + 5000 masl.

100% + 6000 masl.

Gradual Adventure Activity Difficulty System designed by Leandro Scheurle.
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Required equipment

Ask for the equipment list

Rental Equipment

Trekking sleeping bag

Booking in Advance

US$ 16 + options

Pair of Trekking Poles

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

Rental mittens

Booking in Advance

US$ 8 + options

Pair of Crampons

Booking in Advance

US$ 15 + options

Rental : helmet, crampons and ice ax

Booking in Advance

US$ 36 + options

Combo Top: helmet, crampons, ice ax and full harness

Booking in Advance

US$ 50 + options

Category 3 sunglasses - Shepra Julbo Spectrom

Booking in Advance

US$ 5 + options

Backpack for trekking and mountaineering - Woman

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

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