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San Martin de los Andes -Lago Curruhe - Paso Carirriñe- Linquiñe, Chile. - Neltume, Puerto Fuy, Pirihueico-Paso huahum, arg - San Martin de los Andes

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Hora Inicio: in the morning
    Hora Fin: in the afternoon
  • Meeting Point:San Martin de los Andes
    End point: San Martin de los Andes
  • Duration:7 days
    Availability: 20 spots
Double Crossing of the Andes by Bicycle



Our mountain bike trip "Double Crossing of the Andes" will take you to the most striking scenes of the Argentinean and Chilean Andes. A spectacular, Mountain Bike trip, amazing climbs and descents on gravel roads ranging from the desert to the lakes, mountain streams, and the magic of the Patagonian forest set among snowy peaks.

Always accompanied by a support vehicle, mountain bike professional guides and assistants specialized in adventure travel and sports tourism all over Argentina.

Itinerary> 220km + 20km warm up

Day 1: Arrival at San Martin de los Andes in the morning. Hostel, presentation of mountain bike guides & staff.  Welcome snack .

  • Overnight at Hostel

For those passengers arriving before 2pm, we will warm up for 20kms


Day 2: Breakfast and beginning of the cycling day going towards Laguna Verde. Passing through Curruhue Chico Lake , Curruhue Grande Lake and Pehuenes Forest (Araucaria) . 

  • Distance: 70 kms approx.
  • Overnight at campsite


Day 3: Breakfast, Journey to Carirriñe Path located 1150 masl.First Crossing of The Andes. Lahuen Co, El Escorial (deposit of volcanic ash) Epulafquen lake. Liquiñe. Arrival to Chile.  Hot springs. Hikes to explore the area.

  • Distance: 50 kms approx.
  • Overnight in cabins. 


Day 4: Visit to Liquiñe, first views of Choshuenco and Villarrica volcanoes. We will ride among  the Neltume Lake and Saltos de Huilo Huilo. We will arrive at the Neltume Village, spend the night by the Fuy River.

  • Distance: 40km approx.
  • Overnight in Campsite with facilities


Day 5: Breakfast . Short trip to Pto. Fuy. We will sail the beautiful Pirihueico Lake. Arrival to Pto. Pirihueico .Ride to the Hua-Hum border in Argentina "Second crossing of the Andes(659 m.s.n.)". Arrival to Lacar Lake where we will stay in the mythical hostel Hua-Hum. WE will keep on riding by Lacar lake. Arrival to San Martin de los Andes- Farewell Dinner

  • Distance: 60 kms approx. + 2 hours of sailing.
  • Overnight a Hotel.


Day 6: Breakfast. End of our services



The double crossing of the Andes by bicycle is a demanding journey that requires physical fitness of its members
They must  have a bicycle in good conditions, with basic elements listed below.

Group: 8 participants minimum

Special dates on request for groups. 

Total Distance: 220 kms

Program subject to climatic, geographical or political conditions.  Modifications may occur during the trip. Decisions will be in charge only by the local guides.

Included Services

-Support vehicle and emergency mechanical assistance.

-4 Hotel nights and 1 night in campsite with facilities

- Tents

-All Meals included

-Specially trained guides 

-Passes to National Parks.

-VHF and cell phone for emergencies.

-Meetings in Buenos Aires before traveling.

-Parking lots  if necessary.

-Personal Accidents Insurance


Services NOT included

-Round trip from and to San Martin de los Andes

-Passes to National Parks in Chile

-Bicycle Transportation

-Extra parts. needed.

-Health and MTB Insurance .

- Bicycle.

-Luggage or bikes insurance in regular transportation.


Photo and Video Gallery


cruce de los andes en bicicleta mtb 1
Double Crossing the Andes by Bike - Mountain biking

San Martin de los Andes, Carirriñe Pass, Linquiñe,Chile, Neltume, Pto Fuy, Pirihueico, Huahum Pass,Arg-SMDLA-> 300km

mtb cruce de los andes mountain bike 17
Double Crossing of the Andes in MTB - January 2014

Arg - Paso Carirriñe - Chile - Paso Hua Hum - Arg

doble cruce de los andes mtb bicicleta 01
Double Crossing of the Andes in MTB - February 2014

Grupo Aguas Blancas Mtb - Uruguay

Double Crossing of the Andes Mountain Bike - MTB - 2015

The great adventure of the double crossing of the Andes.

Where do you sleep

Day 1: Hostel

Day 2: Camping ground 

Day 3: Cabins.   

Day 4: Camping ground 

Day 5: Hostel

Day 6: Hotel



How many kilometres do we ride per day?

We pedal an average of 50 km per day ,from 10am to 5pm. We will stop for hydration, to take pictures, lunch and to visit interesting places while we cross.


Do we ride with a backpack or saddlebag?

We ride without saddlebags. If possible, without a backpack. Your personal belongings will travel in the support vehicle.


Is it possible to ride with a bicycle that is not MTB?

For the geography of the terrain, we do not recommend it. The bicycle we recommend for the trip is a Mountain Bike, minimum 21 gears, with front cushioning, good quality and in good condition.


Can I rent a bicycle ? I have an MTB but it is not so good.

We do not recommend it, we request to bring your own bicycle, the same with the one you work out.

 It is also important that you are comfortable and that you know your bike. In case of contacting us, tell us your experience and training. If you do not have a MTB bike or it is diffcult for you for  travel reasons, we can evaluate the rent of a bicycle.


How do I transfer the bike to San Martin de los Andes?
  • CAR: If you travel by car to San Martin.
  • BUS: You must pack it and send it to San Martin de los Andes. You should check with the bus company if you can travel with your bike in the bus or if you should send it before hand.
  • PLANE (Recommended): If you need advice, consult us. You should put protections inside the box. A good recommendation is to store inside clothes, sleeping bag, etc. so that your bike can travel as protected as possible. Keep in mind that you should not pay extra for carrying the bike, since it is considered sports equipment. It is within 15kg that can be carried of luggage per person. Take into account  that as carry-on luggage ,you can also carry 5kg.


What happens if I get tired and I can not continue?

The entire journey is accompanied by a support vehicle. In case of getting tired or if injured, we can carry your bike and continue in the vehicle.


What happens if I break my bike?

Our support vehicle is equipped with tools and materials to fix your bike. In case it can not be repaired, we have a spare bicycle to replace your damaged one.

Required equipment

 How to dress and personal equipment

The secret is to dress in layers, to obtain maximum comfort;  the best performance at minimum weight. It is important to use windproof and dry-fit clothes , that is why we do not recommend using cotton. If you think of buying new shoes, make sure to wear them before the trip. The weather may vary, although we have seen the forecast, the weather is unpredictable. Nights are cold. Although the sun shines, always wear a coat and waterproof jacket. Always try to wear UV glasses and use sunscreen even if it is cloudy. If possible, avoid exposure to solar radiation, at any time. All these precautions contribute to your health and well-being.


  •  MTB bicycle in good condition (Check bicycle; it must be in optimal conditions. Check brakes).
  • Helmet (MANDATORY)
  • Gloves
  • 2 spare inner tubes.
  • 1 fuse
  • Inflator suitable for your bike.
  • Forks inflator (if required)
  • Front and rear lights. Spare batteries.
  • Refractory front and rear.

Note: The repair equipment, such as tools, material for puncture repair, chain cutter, links spare part, and other materials will be in charge of our company.


  • Sleeping bag (warm)
  • Insulation mat.
  • Sun hat - Multifunction scarf , Buff.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Short or long leggings with pad
  • T-shirts made of synthetic material (dry fit type) for pedaling.
  • Windprof jacket
  • Sneakers for pedaling
  • 2 short sleeves  T-shirts
  • Underwear.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Comfortable shoes to be in the camp.
  • Socks
  • Warm gloves
  • Long sleeve shirt x 1
  • Long trousers x 1
  • Extra coat 
  • Swimming wear (to bathe in the hot springs or rivers)
  • 2 coats (Polyester fleece)
  • Warm hat 
  • Jacket or duvet vest (optional)
  • Waterproof jacket of outer layer (ultrex or gore tex or similar would be ideal) - in case of not having, complement a windbreaker with a plastic layer.
  • Passport, ID card, ID.
  • Medical insurance
  • Medical and personal information completed, authorization.


  • FRONTAL flashlight with batteries (spare batteries).
  • Heavy-duty large plastic bags for storing clothes.


  • Sun glasses. (IMPORTANT)
  • Personal first-aid kit (medication with the relevant recipe).
  • Sunscreen, Lip balm (factor 30 or more)
  • Soap, shampoo (boy) and small towel.
  • Toilet paper. Scarves Baby wipes.
  • Repellent for insects.


  • 1 or 2 Caramañolas - optional Camelback, Nalgene or similar.


OPTIONAL, not mandatory (see space and weight)
  • SILVER TAPE tape, for blisters and repairs.
  • Steel thermos
  • Mini - sewing kit
  • Monocle. Photographic or video equipment
  • Book, notebook, travel diary, pencil, pen.
  • Penknife
  • Some drink / dessert to share in the camp.

Rental Equipment

Trekking sleeping bag

Booking in Advance

US$ 16 + options

Pair of Trekking Poles

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

Rental mittens

Booking in Advance

US$ 8 + options

Pair of Crampons

Booking in Advance

US$ 15 + options

Rental : helmet, crampons and ice ax

Booking in Advance

US$ 36 + options

Combo Top: helmet, crampons, ice ax and full harness

Booking in Advance

US$ 50 + options

Category 3 sunglasses - Shepra Julbo Spectrom

Booking in Advance

US$ 5 + options

Backpack for trekking and mountaineering - Woman

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

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