Cycling in Tigre- Mountain Bike - Buenos Aires

A bike day in Tigre and surrunding, beer an snak

  • Start Date : 2021-Jul-31
    End Date: 2021-Jul-31
  • Hora Inicio: 9 am meeting at Tigre Train station.
    Hora Fin: 6 pm
  • Meeting Point:Tigre- Buenos Aires
  • Duration:1 DAY
    Availability: 30 available spots
MTB Tigre-Nordelta-Villa la Ñata-Maschwitz-Benavidez - Cicloturismo



PROPOSAL: We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Tigre train station where. For those who arrive by car, there is a parking lot right by the train station. We leave Tigre, Camino de the Remeros, Route 27, NORDELTA, Benavidez, Maschwitz, Route 26, Villa la Ñata (where we will have light lunch), return to Tigre by route 25 to end at a BAR in fron of the river, for some beer and snack.

Level: Moderate

Km Approx .: 65 km

Roads: 90% ASPHALT


By Car

How to get to Tigre [Hacer Click Aqui]

By Train

Take the train From Retiro to Tigre (Ramal / Branch MIITRE)See Schedule [click]

Included Services
  • MTB Professional Guides (WFR - Wilderness First Responder)
  • VHF equipment and emergency cell phone.
  • Free verification of the mechanical condition of the Mountain Bike. 
  • Personal Accident Coverage. 
  • Light mechanical assistance. 
  • Snack and Beer at a BAR/restaurante in Tigre

Services NOT included
  • Round trip Buenos Aires  -Tigre
  • Bicicle spares. Necessary Extras .
  • MTB assurance
  • Bicicle.
  • Drinks
  • Lunch:  We can have lunch in a typical restaurant of the area or each one can bring their oun food. 

Galería de Fotos y Videos

Graduación de dificultad

MountainBike: Desnivel / Duración de la Jornada.

Exigencia Física

Técnico: Dificultad en el Terreno / Equipo.

Fortaleza Psicológica

Exposición a la Altura

MountainBike (B)

It is defined in relation to the pedaling time in each day, the terrain to travel, the experience necessary to make the crossings of several days, taking into account the unevenness that we will have to face.

20% 1 day / no unevenness in flat areas / asphalt and gravel.

40% 2 or 3 days / with little unevenness. Crossings in the province of bs as or missions / asphalt and gravel.

60% 4 or 5 days / uneven. Travesias en el norte, Patagonía / asphalt and gravel.

80% 5 or 6 days / uneven. Travesías Sierras, Camino de Santiago / Path, asphalt, gravel.

100% + than 5 days / with large slopes. Crossings in the Cordillera Central / Trail, asphalt, gravel.

Fitness (F)

Physical demand to wear that we can suffer both aerobic (climbs = possible shortness of breath) and muscle (resistance = many hours pedaling), legs (descents = back / knees) and accumulated days of pedaling.

20% 2 to 4 hours pedaling on the flat or with little unevenness (1 day)

40% 4 to 6 hours of pedaling on the flat or with little unevenness (1 or 2 days)

60% 3 to 5 hours pedaling up to 250mtrs of positive difference - 4 days.

80% 4 to 6 hours of pedaling up to 500mtrs of positive slope - 5 days.

100% 5 to 8 hours of pedaling, + 500mtrs of positive slope, + 6 days.


The technical difficulty is mainly based on the terrain. And in the ability to face a steep slope (up or down).

20% We travel flat terrain: asphalt and gravel.

40% Routes with moderate ascents and descents: asphalt and gravel.

60% Mixed terrain, with steeper ascents. We can walk on trails.

80% Mixed terrain, trails. Steep descents and ascents.

100% Very technical terrain. Very steep descents and climbs by sections.

Psycho (P)

We maintain that this point, the psychological factor, represents a relevant factor. Each one needs a factor of conviction, confidence, self-control and will power to achieve a goal. And depending on the attitude with which we face distances, slopes, terrain and many other objective factors, we can achieve performance with very different results.

20% We will not be much affected.

40% This is a normal level of attention.

60% We require more motivation, enthusiasm and concentration.

80% The activity will require us to be very connected and convinced.

100% Maximum control and emotional-psychological performance.

Adventures (A)

It is the factor that, the height above sea level, influences us depending on the activity we carry out. Managing and overcoming symptoms caused by altitude is the key to this point

0% + sea level.

20% Up to 2000 masl.

40% + 2000 masl.

60% + 4000 masl.

80% + 5000 masl.

100% + 6000 masl.

Gradual Adventure Activity Difficulty System designed by Leandro Scheurle.
Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.

Required equipment

  • Type-Bike Mountain Bike with changes
  • Casco (REQUIRED)
  • A camera parts.
  • Jacket windbreaker. Type Windstopper
  • Gloves.

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