Cycling from Cañuelas to Uribelarrea - Mountain Bike - Buenos Aires

A bike day, from Cañuelas to Uribelarrea Cinematic Town, beer and snak

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Hora Inicio: 9hrs
    Hora Fin: 18hrs
  • Meeting Point:Cañuelas Train Station
    End point: Cañuelas Train Station
  • Duration:1 DAY
    Availability: 15 spots
Cycling in Uribelarrea




Meeting: We will meet at 9 Cañuelas train station. where we have ample parking, to leave our vehicle.

  • Walk around Cañuelas city, and we go into rural roads in search of the trail that will take us to Uribelarrea,
  • We passed the railroad tracks, a school, the San Pedro field and at about 8-10 kms emerges to our left, bordered by tall eucalyptus trees the road to reach the old La Noria station. In La Noria the old station is collapsed and intruded, there is an abandoned cargo formation, the road surrounds it and crosses the tracks to the south.
  • We arrive at an intersection of roads. We turn right towards Abbott. We continue on a dirt road in good condition, there may be mud in the rainy season, low vehicular traffic. We arrive at a junction with the paved access road to Abbott where we enter the rural town, with its train station, its church, the post office, the Estancia El Sueño.
  • Our path follows the railway tracks on the side of the town, we passed some houses and villas until we entered the plantations area, corn, wheat, some groves, a not usually traveled road, quite wild, many birds in the area.We take the road to Uribelarrea, a small town frozen in time, scene of numerous films such as "Juan Moreira" and Alan Parker`s "Evita". We will pass through the Historic Jaguel, a place where history tells that it was used by General Lavalle to hydrate the troops in 1828. After a good stretch of a consolidated dirt road, in very good condition, that will take us to the heart of Uribelarrea.
  • Walk around the town, the main square of rare octagonal design which share four diagonals,the church opened in 1890 inside which retain original stained glass that were used in 1996 for the shooting of Alan Parker`s movie "Evita", La Uribeña Brewery and The abandoned cemetery.The Uribe train station and next to it the Museum of Machines and Tools "Father Leopoldo Rizzi", pieces related to agricultural development in the region are exhibited, An Old Gas Station converted into a store.
  • At noon (2pm. aprox) we will eat at Palenque, a typical restaurant in front of the main square which dates back to 1860 as an old warehouse at.


After Lunch we will start our return, but not before visiting Salesian Don Bosco School, place where we can buy cheeses, homemade Dulce de Leche and wines.

Finishing the day around 6 pm. we will arrive at Cañuelas station to our vehicles.


Km Approx.: 85 km

Roads: 90% dirt, 10% asphalt


Traveling by car

How to get to Cañuelas  [Click here]

Traveling by Train:

From Constitution Square is the electric train service TMR, with transfer to a diesel service in Ezeiza. Stops in Máximo Paz, Vicente Casares, Alexandre Petion, Kloosterman (Farm of SMATA) La Garita and Cañuelas. Frequency: 45 minutes. Total travel time: one hour 45 minutes.

Included Services
  • 2 guides coordinating the tour.
  • Free Verification of the mechanical condition of the Mountain Bike.
  • Permanent coordination (previously relieved way)
  • Equipment VHF and cell phone for emergencies.
  • Personal Accidents Insurance.
  • Complete first aid kit.
  • Light mechanical assistance. (repair kit, tools, puncture repair supplies, chain cutters, replacement links, cameras, fuses, and other supplies)
  • Energetics (fruits-nougats-snaks)
  • Ask us about the Bike transfer.

Services NOT included
  • Round trip from Buenos Aires
  • Spare Parts. Extras needed.
  • MTB Insurance.
  • Provision of bicycle.
  • Drinks
  • Lunch: We can have lunch in a Restaurant in Uribe, or you can take your own lunch box

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Do I need previous experience?

It does not require experience, however it is a long pedaling, ideal to start cycling. Good physical condition is required.

Do we ride with a backpack or saddlebag?

We ride without saddlebags. You can carry a small backpack to have water, extra clothes, Sunscreen, protein bars, etc.

Is it possible to ride with a bicycle that is not MTB?

Because of the geography of the terrain, we do not recommend it. The bicycle we recommend for the trip is a Mountain Bike, minimum 21 gears, with front cushioning, good quality and in good condition.

Can I rent a bicycle ? I have an MTB but it is not so good.

We do not recommend it, we request to bring your own bicycle, the same with the one you work out.

 It is also important that you are comfortable and that you know your bike. In case of contacting us, tell us your experience and training. If you do not have a MTB bike or it is diffcult for you for travel reasons, we can evaluate the rent of a bicycle.

What happens if I break my bike?

We have tools and materials to carry out light repairs, but it is important that you know that your bicycle is prepared for this type of activities. If you have doubts, we recommend you to take it to your trusted bicycle shop to perform a service.

Difficulty graduation

MountainBike: Desnivel / Duración de la Jornada.

Exigencia Física

Técnico: Dificultad en el Terreno / Equipo.

Fortaleza Psicológica

Exposición a la Altura

MountainBike (B)

It is defined in relation to the pedaling time in each day, the terrain to travel, the experience necessary to make the crossings of several days, taking into account the unevenness that we will have to face.

20% 1 day / no unevenness in flat areas / asphalt and gravel.

40% 2 or 3 days / with little unevenness. Crossings in the province of bs as or missions / asphalt and gravel.

60% 4 or 5 days / uneven. Travesias en el norte, Patagonía / asphalt and gravel.

80% 5 or 6 days / uneven. Travesías Sierras, Camino de Santiago / Path, asphalt, gravel.

100% + than 5 days / with large slopes. Crossings in the Cordillera Central / Trail, asphalt, gravel.

Physical (F)

Physical demand to wear that we can suffer both aerobic (climbs = possible shortness of breath) and muscle (resistance = many hours pedaling), legs (descents = back / knees) and accumulated days of pedaling.

20% 2 to 4 hours pedaling on the flat or with little unevenness (1 day)

40% 4 to 6 hours of pedaling on the flat or with little unevenness (1 or 2 days)

60% 3 to 5 hours pedaling up to 250mtrs of positive difference - 4 days.

80% 4 to 6 hours of pedaling up to 500mtrs of positive slope - 5 days.

100% 5 to 8 hours of pedaling, + 500mtrs of positive slope, + 6 days.


The technical difficulty is mainly based on the terrain. And in the ability to face a steep slope (up or down).

20% We travel flat terrain: asphalt and gravel.

40% Routes with moderate ascents and descents: asphalt and gravel.

60% Mixed terrain, with steeper ascents. We can walk on trails.

80% Mixed terrain, trails. Steep descents and ascents.

100% Very technical terrain. Very steep descents and climbs by sections.

Psycho (P)

We maintain that this point, the psychological factor, represents a relevant factor. Each one needs a factor of conviction, confidence, self-control and will power to achieve a goal. And depending on the attitude with which we face distances, slopes, terrain and many other objective factors, we can achieve performance with very different results.

20% We will not be much affected.

40% This is a normal level of attention.

60% We require more motivation, enthusiasm and concentration.

80% The activity will require us to be very connected and convinced.

100% Maximum control and emotional-psychological performance.

Adventures (A)

It is the factor that, the height above sea level, influences us depending on the activity we carry out. Managing and overcoming symptoms caused by altitude is the key to this point

0% + sea level.

20% Up to 2000 masl.

40% + 2000 masl.

60% + 4000 masl.

80% + 5000 masl.

100% + 6000 masl.

Gradual Adventure Activity Difficulty System designed by Leandro Scheurle.
Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.

Required equipment

  • Type-Bike Mountain Bike with changes
  • Helmet (REQUIRED)
  • Inner tube

Note: The repair equipment, such as tools, material for puncture repair, chain cutter, links spare part, and other materials will be in charge of our company.

  • Jacket windbreaker. Type Windstopper
  • Warm Clothes ( fleece and leggings)
  • Gloves.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • DNI / ID
  • Medical insurance 
  • Repellent for insects
  • 1 or 2 water botles (can be Nalgene, Camelback, etc) 
  • Photo Camera
  • Mate


Rental Equipment

Trekking sleeping bag

Booking in Advance

US$ 16 + options

Pair of Trekking Poles

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

Rental mittens

Booking in Advance

US$ 8 + options

Pair of Crampons

Booking in Advance

US$ 15 + options

Rental : helmet, crampons and ice ax

Booking in Advance

US$ 36 + options

Combo Top: helmet, crampons, ice ax and full harness

Booking in Advance

US$ 50 + options

Category 3 sunglasses - Shepra Julbo Spectrom

Booking in Advance

US$ 5 + options

Backpack for trekking and mountaineering - Woman

Booking in Advance

US$ 10 + options

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Contact and Enquiries

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