An adventure sport that helps cleanse the soul: Rock Climbing

Are you looking for new experiences and challenges that will energize your routine?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you feel tired of the same and doing gym or spinning no longer fill you, an extraordinary idea to intensify your life may be to practice an adventure sport such as rock climbing or trekking.

After the weekly routine of going from work to home and from home to work, what better plan for the weekend than going to the mountain or to the arena to rock climb, this is a very good way to download accumulated adrenaline and forget about any concerns.

The search for something personal

Rock climbing is a risky sport, it is quite a challenge and it has become fashionable lately. You have to rely on the effort of your legs and arms to ascend vertical walls.

It is not just any sport, nor is it a simple physical activity, but those who practice it discover that deep down there is a search for something personal, since it consists in the continuous search for balance, and leads us to eliminate all kinds of noise in our interior, and it focuses us on one thing, trying to find our own center. In full ascent, ecstatic with nature, air and sun, you feel intensely alive.

Climb to feel alive

Risk becomes a stimulus to evolve as a human being and an essential ingredient if you want to feel alive. Rock climbing is one of the favorite activities of adventure lovers, not only to get rid of tedium and daily stress, but also to discover new limits of their own, know themselves better, reinforce their self-esteem and practice absolute concentration.

It is a sport classified as dangerous and few understand those who practice it. But it is not insecure, because to practice it, the supervision of an instructor, the proper training, the physical preparation, taking precautions and being very prudent are essential.

No matter how many security measures are taken, this sport is practiced in the heart of nature, whose strength we cannot trust. However, constant training and acquiring skills and experience make the risk to be minimized and appreciated in a very different way than those who do not know this activity see it.

How to start climbing?

Rock climbing is a sport with which you secrete adrenaline, a powerful hormone that, when flowing through your veins, produces a tremendous cataract of intense emotions and sensations of great energy. Risk brings us rewards, which are deeply pleasurable.

Physiologically, under the effects of adrenaline, breathing becomes faster, blood floods the heart, brain and muscles, the skin increases its resistance, the muscles tighten and your strength increases.

Adrenaline gives the body an extraordinary dose of strength, endurance, and insensitivity to fatigue and pain. It is an injection of vitality that makes the nervous system order to mobilize the body and face extreme situations, draw strength from weakness and make complicated decisions in seconds.

You choose!

Overcome fears and challenge yourself to find that inner being that we often lose in our daily lives and is much stronger than you thought it was.

autor: AEX Team

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