Canoeing on the River Plate Basin - Tigre - Buenos Aires

From the Pampas to the Delta - Canoe Adventure

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Hora Inicio: Saturday, Oct. 23, 8 pm.
    Hora Fin: Sunday 24, 18 hs
  • Meeting Point:Delta Paraná
  • Duration:2 days / 1 night
    Availability: 15 spots


Rowing the River Plate Basin.

The sun begins to warm, and canoes in the water and a small break we joined them. The first strokes us a bit disoriented, but soon get into a rhythm.  Shovelful after shovelful we sailed the vast grasslands and yellow, then enter the lush green forest adorned by willows, ceiba, eucalyptus, reeds, etc, etc. Closer to home, we have to take a short break while we light the fire for the barbecue, and at night ... a glass of wine on the dock of the place enjoying the river breeze. All types of greens mingling with canals, rivers and streams, and those people coming out barefoot to greet us as we go ... This is "The Delta", a few km  of th city gives us the opportunity to enjoy its scenery, its harmony and silence ...

Day 1 - 8:40 pm. approx. Starting from federal capital (Once Station, option to climb Pte Saavedra) to intersection of Rio Lunjan  and the Panamericana (km 59), where we began to paddle around 5 hours. approx. On the Luján River, a quiet area where no boats of any kind go, just us, the rangelands, neotropic cormorants and egrets.  Lunch at the edges and continue to the Paraná de las Palmas, where we stop for the night in the playground, but not before a delicious dinner with sitting on the dock under the stars!

Day 2 - Breakfast and early departure by the waters of "Arroyo de las Rosas", much more "green" with huge eucalyptus and willow and more.  We again take the Lujan river, lunch at a typical coastal recreational and continue to Villa la Ñata, the end point in our adventure. From there we moved into a private vehicle to an inn, where we moved and a snack. Transfer to the Tigre train station to return to the city.  End of our services.


Included Services
  • All meals (set menu: roasted, chopped Creole cold meats, cakes, drinks).
  • Overnight in dorms (hostel - rooms and shared bathrooms).
  • Bedding
  • Transfer from the river to the station Tigre.
  • General Logistics camp (pots, heaters, safety features, orientation).
  • Boats, life jackets and paddles.
  • Guide and permanent coordination.

Services NOT included
  • Bus from Once to stop Rio Lujan (cost approx $ 12)
  • Return from  Capital Federal  (recommend train line Mitre, cost approx. $ 2)

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