Balloon Flight - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Balloon Flight - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Come to enjoy this unforgettable adventure and see sight from 200 meters heigth

Start Date :
Initial time :
alarmSubject to availability.
Meeting Point:
Cardales, Buenos Aires prov.
Start Date:
Salidas cortas,vuelo
60 km from Buenos Aires
30 min to 1 hour

A unique and unforgettable experience           

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We take you to one of the most desired adventures, encourage you to experience the sensation of floating on the clouds

Fly in balloon will allow you enjoy the best views of sunrise or sunset. During the flight the balloon moves placidly at the speed of the wind reaching up to 200 m in height (depending on weather factors we can fly from 10 to 15 km).

Also, you will be able to participate in the balloon assembly process, along with our pilot. Moments  to take pictures and share a snack

From takeoff to landing, the journey lasts from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the direction and intensity of the wind. The contact with nature is permanent, you can enjoy the sight of fauna of the area, as well as picturesque rural landscapes.

During the flight: You can use your cameras and camcorders to share the experience with your family and friends

We fly at dawn and dusk, when the weather conditions are adequate for the flight due to the smooth winds. It can be done every day of the year. The minimum is two passengers and the maximum is four per balloon.


The Pilot will select a site to pose the balloon on the ground and will be the most exciting part of the tour.
The Pilot will choose an appropriate landing area, preferably without seeding, without animals, near a road, etc.
If the wind is very soft the boat will stand and the passengers will be held in an inner handles until the balloon is stopped.
Important: There is a very unlikely possibility that the boat is tilted by the wind when it touches the ground, in which case the passengers flex their legs and are fastened to the inner handles until the balloon stops completely on one side dragging a few meters. Then it comes out "crawling."

Return: Moments later a vehicle will come to look for us and we will return together with the balloon disarmed to the place of departure. There we can share a snack, a toast and we deliver a Certificate of Flight!

Dawn: Meeting: 7:00 a.m. Return: 10.30 am
Sunset: Meeting: 5 pm. Return: 8:30 p.m.


Note: Flights sharing a 4 person boat, for climatic reasons, are carried out from March to November.

Bad weather insurance
In case of flight suspension due to unfavorable weather conditions or any reason that at pilot's discretion affects the safety parameters, it will be reprogrammed on the dates that the available for the pilot. Taking into account that there are only four weekends in the month, this rescheduling is likely to occur from Monday to Friday.

speaker_notesIncluded Services:

-Participation in the assembly of the ballon.
-Duration of the Activity: Between 3 and 4 hours.
-Flight (30 min to 1 hour depending on wind conditions).
-Transfer from landing site to departure point.
-Bad Weather Insurance (only valid for 3 months)
-Snack coffee (infusion of choice with cookies)
-Flight Certificate

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

Transfers from Federal Capital to the place of flight (ask)
Certified organic champagne Medanos with 2 glasses (ask for costs)
CD with flight photos
Video clip of the flight with music  (departure, takeoff, flight is shot from a go-pro).

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